After our two-day trip in Iloilo as well as Guimaras, the bad Traveler as well as his bad good friend chose that it was time to head home. however the flight tickets that we got would have a linking flight in Cebu City. Our airplane would land at Mactan worldwide flight terminal at 4pm as well as would depart for Manila at 6am the next morning.

But we were not pissed. We saw it as an chance to check out the Queen City of the South. We just had to be back at Mactan flight terminal at around 4am. So we had 12 hours to go see locations as well as satisfy people in Cebu.

Magellan’s cross in Cebu
Twelve hours. seems fun. Except, we were running short of cash. So we did whatever to make sure we would not spend as well much.


Baggage Deposit at the Airport
Magellan’s Cross
The Church, The Resto, The Cakes
Sleeping at the Airport
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Baggage Deposit at the Airport

The very first difficulty the bad Traveler as well as his bad good friend encountered was our bags. We had two huge bags. We might not pay for a hotel as well as it would be such a spoiler to bring our huge bags together with us. We started this trip with only a few products with us however we purchased a whollotta things in Iloilo as well as Guimaras.

So we couldn’t pay for a hotel as well as our bags were as well heavy. We were screwed. up until it dawned on us that perhaps, there was a kind of baggage deposit center somewhere in the flight terminal area.

We asked the concierge as well as we were led to a deposit counter. The charge was P200 per bad. We had 2 bags so that’s P400. issue solved.

Magellan’s Cross

After we got rid of our bags, we went outside as well as discovered a cab. There were airport-cabs however we didn’t select to pick one of those, we presumed it would be much pricier. After hailing a routine cab, the chauffeur asked us where to go. We couldn’t response since we truly had no plans. up until one thing popped in my head, “Magellan’s Cross.”

I believe the only thing I understood about Cebu was Magellan’s Cross. It was on my grade 1 textbook. We paid around P175 to the cab chauffeur as well as explored the area. We took pictures, purchased candles as well as proceeded to the church.

The Church, The Resto, The Cakes

Sto. Nino Church
We were only able to check out the front of the church as well as lit some candles. We did not go inside since there were as well numerous people — it was Sunday — as well as we were just incredibly hungry. I texted a good friend who was likewise a travel blog writer as well as asked where to gorge on some great Cebuano delicacies. He replied however looking back now, I just couldn’t keep in mind the name of the place. however it was great. The food were remarkable as well as the waiters, too. Haha.

After dinner we walked to the IT park, which was, to me, extremely similar to Bonifacio High Street. Dunno why. We then stumbled upon this cafe called La Marea. At very first we didn’t wanna purchase anything however the cakes were as well delicious-looking to resist. We provided in. Haha.

We spent a couple of hours there as well as then we headed back to the flight terminal after.

Sleeping at the Airport

We returned to the flight terminal at past midnight. We chose to just sleep at the flight terminal because we still had four full hours before our inspect in. It was a different experience. I can’t state it’s comfortable however I would gladly do it once again if I ran short on money again.

Over all, our 12 hours in Cebu City was rewarding. I desire we had much more time (and money) because we only explored like a small part of the city. one more issue was that we truly had no sleep (in Iloilo) the night before so we were both exhausted. however still, it was unforeseen as well as truly worth it.

This is part of our ILOILO-GUIMARAS-CEBU trip. For much more messages about the other locations we have visited, inspect out our collection here.

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